Hi!  My name is Sommer Kibbee, and I am the creator, instructor, and head artist at the Art Junkie Studio which is located in a historic building in the heart of Newton, Iowa.  I have a serious passion for art and healthy living.  The concept of the studio stems from my love for art, my mission  for recycling "junk",  and my passion for inspiring kids and adults alike to be creative and get their hands dirty.  

My studio is a "judgment free zone" where people feel comfortable enough to express themselves through art.  Many students come to learn while many others come to simply relax and create. A student once said to me (in reference to watching television), "Why would I want to watch someone else do something when I could be doing something myself?"  I couldn't say it any better! 

What you need to know:

I work in the graphics department at the Vernon Company Monday-Friday from 7:30am-4:30pm; therefore, I usually arrive at the studio just before 5pm.  The bottom studio door will be unlocked. Please communicate this with your child so they are not worried in the event that they should beat me there. They are welcome to turn the light on and wait on the bench in the hallway until I arrive.

Please contact me anytime at:

My cell: 641.831.3983 (I don’t always have time to chat, but I will always make time to text)

Studio email and PayPal: artjunkiesommer@gmail.com (I do check my email regularly)

Studio website: www.artjunkiestudio.com (for info about session specials, birthday parties, etc.)

Studio Facebook: www.facebook.com/artjunkiesommer/  

In the event of inclement weather, the studio will close if Newton schools close or dismiss early. I will try to send a reminder email as well.

 Students are always welcome to bring a drink or snack. They are also welcome to keep their own paint shirt, smock, or apron at the studio.

I have open session times (that I post each week via an email newsletter each Monday) which are mostly consistent but sometimes vary due to holidays, weather, etc.  All regular students are welcome to attend any session they choose, however; most are consistent and come the same day/time each week. Most sessions end up with 1- 5 students at a time.  New students would be welcome to do a private lesson at first, if they should chose to. I am happy to do private lessons on weekends and after regular sessions.

I try to introduce new ideas to the groups each week and we do group projects a few times a year which we then donate to charity, etc.  I feel that this gives the kids motivation to strive to do their best and learn to collaborate with other artists, which is a difficult thing for most creative minds.  The students may choose to opt out of the group project, although most parents do encourage them to participate.

Each and every student comes with a different mindset. Some students come to work on contest entries, holiday gifts, fair projects, etc..., while others come to just get their hands dirty. Some come to be around other creative minds, and some really want to learn techniques to take with them and grow as artists. I have some students who try something new each week and some who just want to paint every week and be social. The studio if fairly large, which allows the students to have their own space for their own projects, if they choose. Most choose to sit as a group and catch up on their social lives while they get creative.

Most parents choose to purchase multiple sessions at a time because it's less expensive that way.  Sessions never expire and if your child should ever want to bring a friend or relative for fun, we just mark off 2 sessions.  Or...I have had some parents purchase the 20 sessions at a time and then book a special studio time when relatives come to town and use some sessions then for something fun for a group. I will try to notify you when you are running low on sessions.